Meeting dates & times



             Delta by Marriott 2747 S. 11th St. Kalamazoo 49009  


.                   Thursday, August 11th at 6:30pm


                     Tuesday, August 23rd at 7pm

                    Tuesday, September 13th at 7pm


                      Tuesday, October 11th at 7pm

                            (playoff edition) TBD



Officials ~
Football season is here!  We hope you are all well prepared for your games this week.  A few items we would like to highlight for crew discussion leading into this week's games.


A friendly reminder that our HL and LJ (FJ, and SJ) should work off the field when the ball is live.  At no time should an official 'pinch in' off the sideline during the play.  After the play, it is appropriate for officials to “accordion” onto the field and help clean up the play... Be good "dead ball officials"... 

BJ and U  (FJ and SJ)- Initial position on opening kickoffs should be at the back of the white (2 yards off sideline).  This will give you a wider view for officiating potential onside kicks.  Have a bean bag in hand.

CLEAN SIDELINE... Keep your sideline clean!... Not only for you to work your game, also for the crew "next week"... and Most importantly for YOUR SAFETY!!... 


Never be in a hurry to make a signal before the play completely ends.  Crisp, clear, and concise signals coupled with solid positioning is what it takes to "SELL" a tight call on a bang-bang play.  Wild, fast, and un-controlled signals give a perception of uncertainty.  Slow down, let your mind digest what your eyes have seen, and make your ruling with a calm, controlled signal.


MAKE IT BE THERE.... This is our theme again for the season.  Get the Pre-Snap fouls... Otherwise, Make your first call of the game be a BIG foul.  "GET THE BIG ONES", and let the trifling contact go.  Use your preventative officiating techniques to help manage the game.


The Referee and Umpire should emphasize proper equipment and fix potential issues before the game during pre-game warmups.  Handling these problems before the game should prevent them from becoming an issue during the game.

**Understand at the high school level, certain equipment may not perfectly fit all players... please use good judgment (and common sense) on ruling on equipment... Especially in sub-varsity games...

MHSAA Playoff Information


A  quote that Lifetime KOA Member shared with a B1G crew last weekend while evaluating...
"When we officiate the plays, we get things right... It's the stuff in between the plays that gets us in trouble..." ~ Ron Winter

There have been several plays in the past two weeks where we have lost focus for a play.... STAY FOCUSED ONE SNAP AT A TIME...
Stay Active in pre game... We should not be just standing around, hand in pockets, during pre game etc... 
In obvious onside kick situations, we need to be alert for KOF (Kicking team Offside)..  This is an advantage and must be ruled more stringently, than a normal KO play....
One in front, and one hidden in back pocket.. 
We do not throw a hat for foul, we throw a flag for a foul... Be prepared!


We are well into our season, meaning there is ample game film to review leading into your game.  If you are still asking a coach if a team's QB's, K's, and P's are right or left handed, then you aren't doing your pre-game homework!  Dig into a few plays for your upcoming teams this week.  Know if they run a Wing-T, hurry up, no huddle, or spread style offense.  Then prepare your crew accordingly.


Our awareness for blindside blocks is improving.  Continue to hunt for that player 'out of phase' who is moving against the grain on runs to the outside, punt returns, or returns following a turnover.  This is where blindside blocks are most likely to happen.


Analyze your movement on film.  Hustle, but don't hurry out there.  Carry yourself with confidence, poise, and professionalism.  These traits help sell your calls on bang-bang plays.  Work hard and give it everything you've got for 48 minutes.