​Todd Gooding

​Bob Garvelink


​Deb Schug                ​


Rob King        

John Creek     


Trent Anderson

​John Bishop    



​​President:    Todd Gooding

Vice President:  Rob King

Treasurer:  Bob Garvelink

Secretary:  Carl Keller

Recruiting Coordinator: ​​

Trainers by Sport

Spring training

Think you know what goes on when Cactus League spring training games are in the books...

About Us

Welcome to the Kalamazoo Officials Association.

Based in Kalamazoo, Michigan, the KOA is a not-for-profit referees association serving high school and amateur officiating needs throughout Southwest and West Michigan. The KOA has been holding association meetings since September of 1955.

If you have any questions regarding rules, interpretation or perhaps a suggestion on how we can better server our organization, feel free to contact us.

Remember, you are only as good as your last call!


Our Mission:

Our mission is to help our membership with the common sense applicatiion of the rules, positioning guidelines and proper mechanics. 

Our Vision:

We want to pursue good sportsmanship among officials, coaches, players and school administrators.

 Our Values:  

Understanding and knowing the rules, proper mechanics and a passion to give your best effort.  


Board of Directors

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