2017 KOA Points of Emphasis "POE"

                                                      Points of Emphasis
Here are a list of items we should focus on as a staff in the 2017 season:

MIBT (Make it Be There!) foul calling philosophy - Let's focus on calling the obvious out there!  Get the big fouls that everyone sees in the stadium.  Let the trifling stuff go.  MIBT fouls should clearly show on our game film.  If a foul call needs to be advanced frame by frame to justify the call, it is probably not one that we want.

Targeting & Safety fouls - In contrast to the statement above, we as a staff need to improve our awareness for TGT fouls and fouls away from the play.  This comes for having too many officials focused on the ball carrier, and not focused on their specific 'zone' of coverage.  Officiate the play and look for the player running against the grain or who is 'out of phase'  That will be the player who is suspect to commit a foul for TGT or blindside blocks.  Don't officiate air, or have too many officials watching the ball.  Find a suspect matchup and officiate the play.

Targeting (Part II) - NFHS does not have an 'automatic ejection' rule similar to NCAA.  That being the case, many TGT actions are flagrant acts that are intended to solely injure the opponent.  If your crew has a solid TGT call, and you choose to DQ, you will be supported.

Bench Decorum - This must be a two way street.  The coaches would like increased and improved communication from the officials.  We need to take the initiative and strive for professional, effective, and respectful communications with the coaches on the sideline, and should expect the same in return.   Football is a very emotional game, and we must understand that those emotions will run high a number of times throughout the game.  We as officials are expected to remain calm, cool, and collected.  Let's work to improve our communication with our coaches, and try to help them maintain proper sideline decorum.  Fouls for sideline interference and bench unsportsmanlike conduct can be used, but only when circumstances call for such measures.  Work hard with the head coach and 'get-back' coach to manage the sidelines for the safety of the officials, coaches, and players.

Be adequately prepared for intense matchups - Technology today, such as social media, online discussion forums, and blogs allows students to interact with each other well before game day.  A number of intense rivalries have developed between schools even though their geographic location would suggest otherwise.  Officials should approach the game with the understanding that students may have been interacting with each other throughout the week.  Officials should use the tools they have available to prevent games from escalating out of control.  UNS fouls, interaction with the head coach, and disqualifications can be used if the actions by the student athlete warrant such.  Officials should have a zero tolerance policy for comments or actions that place undue focus on a student's race, gender, sexual orientation, or demographic.