Offensive Pass Interference‚Äč

Passes must cross the neutral zone in order for offensive pass interference to occur.  OPI can occur before the ball is in the air such as pick plays and once the ball is touched (by either the offense or defense) there can no longer be OPI.

Keep Your Eyes Open For the Following:
Push Off
2.  Pick Plays
3.  Rub Plays 

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Targeting a defenseless player

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Targeting Definition - To take aim, and initiating contact to an opponent above the shoulders with the helmet, forearm, hand, fist, elbow or shoulders.
Most Common Element of Targeting - Contact with the crown of the helmet
Key Indicators - Launching, leading, crouching, lowering head
Hints For Players -  Keep head up, wrap up, lower target zone, don't lead with your head.

Defensive Pass Interference - Pass must cross neutral zone in order for DPI to occur.  A forward pass must be released in order to have DPI.  Once the ball is touched by either the offense or defense we can no longer have DPI.  Defenders can make early contact behind the line of scrimmage (cannot tackle or hold) and they will not be penalized for DPI.

The 7 Categories of Defensive Pass Interference 
1.  Arm Bar
2.  Hold 
3.  Early Contact & Not Playing The Ball
4.  Playing Through The Back
5.  Hook & Twist
6.  Cut Off
7.  Face Guarding

Defenseless Player Definition - A player who, because of physical position and focus of concentration, is especially vulnerable to injury
Key Indicators - Player traveling at a different speed, players who have given up on play, kill shot hits